Chapter 24: Holistic Development

Once upon a time, my younger self watched a video of Oprah Winfrey interviewing some accomplished woman, inquiring about what the young woman felt she felt she had arrived in life. If memory serves me right, Oprah then added that she herself felt she had arrived at the age of 23.

Having now experienced 23 years myself, I must confess there was a time I willed myself into arrival, but alas, after a hard long look at my year and myself, the most I can say for myself is that I am still learning.

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Creative Blues: Writing with or without power

Writing well is time consuming, and I’m not always well-equipped for the time-warp challenge. There I said it.

This past year, I have had a problem with writing fiction consistently (not so much poetry tbh). I tell myself I don’t have enough time, and a whole other host of things that just get in the way. And to be fair, I have been pretty busy. But I’m also pretty hard on myself, and the work that I produce.

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Religion, Spirituality, and Mental Health: What losing religion feels like

I remember telling my Christian auntie before the beginning of my Freshman year that I would be majoring in Philosophy to which she responded, “Be careful. Most people who go and major in that thing come out not believing that God exists.” So maybe this is that post, maybe not. I cannot say with a sound conscious that I do not believe a God exists (if pressed for details I will explain that I am agnostic in the sense that I do believe there is a God, but I am not sure that we can truly know all things about the nature of God). But I must say this, I do view religion as an institution and I do not believe that this institution is necessary in order for one to get in touch with their spirituality.

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This is America: Performing for the White Gaze

I’m sensitive. I willingly admit that.

I’m still a bit scared from my undergrad days at a PWI. That’s my truth and I feel the need to share that as it was during this time that my faith in the power of words and the arts in general to produce actualized societal change was truly tested. It was during this time that I found myself increasingly intertwining my art with my politics. Recently, I’ve been feeling the need to keep the two a bit more separated.

Let’s get into it.

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#TheCreativeLifestyle Guide

Okay, so I’m back after a whole year of planning the thing, another year of ditching the thing, and another additional year of rebranding the thing, I’ve finally had the guts to go ahead and launch my blog!

In celebration of this feat, here’s a reference guide that I’ve devised for myself for those times when I lose momentum/forget how to get the Creative thing done:

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On Why Hair Type Matters

When I first started thinking about going natural, I had just finished high school and it was the summer before my first year at college. Actually, I had my last perm in the 7th grade. Back then I didn’t identify as a “Natural,” — that term wasn’t as big a thing as it is now. I remember going to the hair dressers and having them describe my hair as either “unrelaxed” or “virgin” hair. In my earlier days of being a natural, I still got my hair pressed religiously OR it was in braids/Twists.Read More